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Transitional Custom Kitchens, from Putnam County to New York City

The transitional style is bringing a new look, a new spirit, and a new functionality to kitchens throughout the New York Metro area. Balancing traditional and modern elements, transitional kitchens create a timeless, relaxed ambiance. You’ll find this new approach in the best kitchens in Westchester County and in kitchens in Fairfield County, in homes from New Canaan to Bronxville, from Ridgefield to Mamaroneck, and throughout New York City – and everywhere else that Today’s Kitchens installs custom kitchens and kitchen cabinets for discriminating homeowners.

Transitional kitchen styles are ideal for customers who desire a closer visual connection to modern form and fashion of simple, streamlined and understated elegance. Our designers offer a selection of approaches to this style, so you can select a transitional style that’s perfectly suited to your taste and the décor and style of your home. We have transitional styles inspired by classic American kitchens, styles that reflect Asian influences of serenity and simple beauty, and more. See what homeowners who want the best in custom kitchen design and kitchen cabinets with a modern flair know: Today’s Kitchens can make the kitchen of your dreams into a reality.